Terms and Conditions
The plans contained on this site are provided as reference material. they are meant to be interpreted as a complete set of step-by-step plans for duplicating the vehicle. If these drawings and or any details contained within the drawings are used in any way shape or form to create a vehicle by a visitor of this site, www.diyden.net, the builder will be doing so at their own risk with no guarantee, warranty, or health and safety claims implied or given by www.diyden.net

By downloading these plans you hold www.diyden.net, and all owners of that organization harmless from any damages, incidental or otherwise, caused by building or using these plans in any manner. These plans are not warrenteed for any particular purpose

While every effort has been made throughout the plans available at www.diyden.net to emphasise the safety aspects of building your own projects the author accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage, injury or loss resulting from the use of these plans. If you have doubts about your ability to safely build your own projects it is recommended that you seek advice from a professional engineer.

The registered owner of www.diyden.net disclaims all implied warranties, including, without limitations, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.

User License
The author owns all intellectual rights without limitation including copyrights and design rights, covering text, diagrams, illustrations and all other information of any nature displayed on this web site or contained in the plans available at www.diyden.net. The purchaser has a limited license and is permitted to use these plans only for guidance on the construction of the various projects on a private non-commercial basis. Any further or alternative use can be considered a breach of the terms of this license and may be actionable.

By purchasing a set of plans, or downloading free previews you are obtaining a "license to use" these drawings, images and designs and are agreeing to the terms of this user license. All of my designs are copyrighted property and are licensed, not sold to you. They do not become your property.

The buyer may only use these designs for his/her personal use. The buyer does not assume any proprietary rights. The buyer may not distribute, circulate, copy, burn to C.D, photocopy or resell the plans. Legal action will be taken to any individual caught trying to circulate or resell any of the design content.

All information on this Web site is copyright 2003-2012 by DIY DEN.

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