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The plans contained on this site are provided as reference material. They are meant to be interpreted as a complete set of step-by-step plans for duplicating the trike/kart/buggy/atv. If these drawings and or any details contained within the drawings are used in any way shape or form to create a product by a visitor of this site- www.diyden.net, the builder will be doing so at their own risk with no guarantee, warranty, or health and safety claims implied or given by www.diyden.net

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Please read the Terms and Conditions outlined above- by downloading the  CROSSBOW password protected plan file you are hereby agreeing to those Terms and Conditions (right click on the thumbnail button above and ”save target as”)

Download the FREE preview file then the complete plans, order the PASSWORD to unlock your CROSSBOW reverse trike plans! You can view them whenever you wish (they are in e-book PDF format and the template files for lasercutting are in DXF format), and when time comes to build a trike, you can simply print the pages!

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