I would love to see photos, youtube videos of your Diy Den project or completed kart. When you send a picture add a few details like your name, age, where you are from, how long it took to build, and what you thought of the plans- what difficulties you had and how you solved them. etc. etc.

The photos etc. will be published here to share experiences and ideas and to inspire and give new builders the confidence to embark on their own DIY project. Send your photos to:


Alfie: Canada: “Hope you like – the ride is great by the way and my son loves it - The costs for a simple kart can easily run you $600 - $700 if not more. You can get a good set of plans for around $40.00, some plans are even less than that. If you do the math, the cost of the plans is slightly over a percent of the kart cost. I repeat, of one percent.” Quote from Project Log's: Alfie’s Dirt Devil Gokartforums  ...


Another Dirt Devil- this time from Armourgard see more at the Go kart forum gallery

Bulg-small_1 Bulg-small_2

This is a Bulgarian Dirt devil built from pirated plans...nice job guys, but how about paying next time....

David-R_1small David-R_2small

David R: Kelowna British Columbia, Canada: I started building in Mid may of 2007 and finished the end of May, I worked on it every day. I cut all the piece's by hand myself. I did extend the chassis 10 inch's as I am 6 foot tall. I used a Comet TAV2 Torq-A-verter for my Transmission- gives a top speed of just under 40 mph. All together I loved building this project, the plans were great as I was able to make templates on my computer and cut them out using the DXF files. Great product Don.


Built by Jaz(8) and Dean(43) in Iowa. Plans worked great. Did a little modifications for safety. Went in a parade, could of sold 5.

Gilles-N_1small Gilles-N_2small

Gilles N: Marieville, Quebec Canada built this electric Dirt Devil
Lots more info the Electric vehicle photo album


John: Morinville Alberta, Canada: “First let me say thanks these are great plans and easy to follow. I did a lot of modifications on in, that’s what’s also great about the plans it enables you to be creative. I added a torque converter. I went with hand controls versus foot controls- gives me a little more leg room. I had all the brackets laser-cut saved a lot of time and did they ever line up nice. I built this for my kids but they can’t seem to get any time on it as I’m always the one taking off with it. It goes great.”


Dave G from Germany ”Here are some photos of my sons finished Dirt devil- I received my Dirt Devil plans on 08.11.05 and started the next day”


Dan P “Thanks for the great plans. They're amazing. I've had to do a fair amount of conversions from metric to US (I wish EVERYTHING was metric!) but that's been the only challenge, and a small one at that! I've been asked twice if I was an engineer after telling people I built it” Read more about his Yard Dawg at Dans Blog

Martin-D_1small Martin-D_2small

Martin D from Quebec Canada sent these pics of his Buzzard...Good work Martin!

Cameron-K_1small Cameron-K_2small

Cameron K from California: “I ordered these plans a while ago and used them to create a beginners engineering project! This is my third go kart that I have made and it is the most advanced! since this is a smaller kart i had to modify the size! I’m 6'2" so I extended the kart 12". I would be glad to help answer some questions!” email cameron_kerndt(at)yahoo.com


Dave D from Brockport, N.Y. (Upstate) “I modified the plans slighty to adapt my motor, I started the project in mid summer. I am now just finishing it up. I really like you plans.”


Jim: ”Great set of plans! I found them very easy to follow. My two kids and I had a great time building this project everybody learned something. We started in Feb/05 and finished it off in Aug 02/05 we worked on it every second weekend so it took a little longer, however it was time well spent. One kart, two kids, I think I know what my next project is going to be. Thanks for the effort that went into the Plans, it made it easy.”


Paul R of Warkworth New Zealand: “Excellent plans, Sons (5 & 9) can’t wait to take it around the farm when its done.”

El-Diablo_1small El-Diablo_2small

The El Diablo- another slighty enlarged Dirt Devil...read about it at the Gokartforums


Don K from Jamestown N.D ”I finally finished my other gokart and it turned out great! I used the plans for the frame and cut off the back half of an old 200cc Honda three wheeler I had sitting around, shortened it up and welded it to the back of the frame. I added an overhead roll bar for added safety. Thanks again for the great plans Don!!”


Don K from Jamestown N.D. “We finally finished this project in early December.(aprox. five months of Saturdays) It really works great and my kids love it!! It's very stable too. I tried to roll it over but it just sticks to the road. Thanks a bunch for the great plans!!”


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