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Our mission is to professionally design & draft plans/blueprints for the D.I.Y home constructor     For various motorised as well as human powered vehicles. Using parts you may have on hand, or from the local junkyard- that old lawnmower or motorbike engine etc. The first 4 of which you see below:

The Crossbow- A road going motorcycle engined Trike, the Buzzard- A full size ATV quad bike, the Dirt Devil- A rally kart with suspension / mini off road buggy and the Yard Dawg- A fun / yard / pavement go kart. The plans detailing how to build these complete vehicles, from frame to steering wheel, totally from scratch you will find on these pages. Included are free DXF CAD drawings - template files suitable for lasercutting and free previews of the plans / blueprints.

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Special Offer!

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NEW RELEASE: Reverse Trike Plans (Tadpole trike)

Crossbow reverse trike plans

The Crossbow is a road going superbike powered (600 to 1100cc) reverse or tadpole trike, It will have awesome handling due to its unique innovative reverse roll suspension design. Acceleration will be mind blowing due to its low weight and great traction from the very wide rear tyre. This Trike is an ideal project for adrenaline junkies...

If you are looking to give your homemade project a professional touch, or just need some help or tips with welding the frame look no further. We will show you how to build a range of ride on vehicles...

Plans designs we intend to tackle for home shop projects may include the following:

Fun go karts, Race karts, Rally karts, Off road buggies, Tilting trikes, Hovercraft, Recumbent cycles, Mini bikes, Pocket bikes, Mini quads, ATVs,  Golf carts, Ride on mowers, Cycle carts, Motorised scooters, Street luge, PWC.....This list of plans / blueprints depends upon demand and is therefore changeable - send requests for vehicles, ride on toys you would like to see the plans for!

Don’t forget to check out our free previews! and the new designs from Don’s drawing board.

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